New Portfolio Site!

portfolio site

I’ve recently created my portfolio website (though I’m planning to buy a domain name for it very soon) with a handful of my works which I compiled over the years and I think would best illustrate my skills and the direction I’m heading. The studio is undergoing some major changes as I ponder on the kind of work I would want to be doing for the future. I’ll be updating accordingly when the time comes including some big plans lined up for next year.

Please feel free to view my portfolio here:

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Punica Granatum

pomegranate1Pomegranates (Punica granatum) are fruit-bearing shrubs or small trees and said to originate in Egypt among other places. The fruit grows from the blooms when it matures. I haven’t seen (in person) or eaten one and I’m not even sure that it’s available where I live, but they said the red jewel-like seeds are completely edible and are tart and juicy. It tastes sort of like a combination of an apples, cranberries, and grapes which thinking about it makes my mouth water hehehe. So here’ a look on the work in progress second piece for a artwork series I’m

I also included a small steps on how I illustrate the elements for the artwork. So it starts with painting in the shapes in color flats then adding shadings and blending them together with the smudge tool in photoshop. I finish them off by adding specks and details with a custom brush.  pomegranate3

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