The making of my Zombie Comics (Part 1)

Okay I have a ton of pages to do for yet another ambitious personal project of mine. Work in studio has gotten stale and frankly I’m in a bit of a dilemma and depressed as I entertain thoughts of abandoning my studio very soon… I can’t foresee the future but I know that I would very much would be doing art up until I die :3 I have been drawing my way throughout these gloomy days and I didn’t really realized how happy it makes me easing back into what eventually started it all – drawing and creating art for myself.

Anyhow, enough of that, here’s a look on the process of creating the cover page of my Zombie Apocalypse themed comics. I’m well aware that there’s already a ton of great titles on the subject, but having to finally do this is such a joy. I always was a fan of the genre from the many movies and video games, it always fascinated me and I even morbidly wished for it to be real (though I’ll probably die as soon as the apocalypse hits us).steps1 1) So it starts with a sketch, I wanted the character in the foreground wielding an axe and probably a city in ruins as the background. 2) In Photoshop, I roughly draw the lineart and then put on color flats and initial shading. I normally put in dabs of colors and blending them together with the smudge tool (I’m a smudger!)  3) Sexyback. I’m used to blending the lineart since I always go with a semi-realistic treatment. I did some further shadings, dodging and burning parts. Oh yeah forgive the hands. I suck at making them :3 4) Put on some pants. I continued to paint in skin textures and did the motorbiker-esque jeans. 5) I adjusted the color slightly to a warmer tone then added his weapon of choice, a fireman’s axe which is excellent for cracking open zombie skulls and such. Good thing I opted for a finger-less gloves that way I cheated on making a mess with drawing them hands arrgghh! 6) At this point I was debating on whether to have him on some ripped sando as supposed to just having him go bare (note: his shiny butt is showing oh dear).steps27) I decided to add in some Tibetan tattoos on his back as well as on his right arm (usual trick I do to give him an instant character).  8) Side by side. I adjusted his left arm and made it longer to fix the anatomy (which is one area I constantly get in trouble). I also made the head of the axe a tad bigger for effect and there we have it!tpOn part 2 of this step/ tutorial of sorts, I’ll be discussing the background and finishing touches for the piece. For more of my art, you can view them via my DeviantArt.

Do not use without proper and prior consent. Copyright 2014 Paolo Ramirez


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